Child safety is a huge priority in our commitment to quality products. Since 2014, we have demonstrated this in working closely with the British Blind and Shutter Association (BBSA) and our system suppliers. We’re dedicated to ensuring all our products are in line with legislation and our operating systems are compliant with the law surrounding child safety requirements.

A blind that’s considered ‘safe by design’ is one that is cordless or has concealed or tensioned cords with either a built-in or separate safety system. It is now illegal to supply or professionally install an internal window blind that does not comply with BS EN13120:2009+A1:2014.

Our trade order form includes compulsory fields that must be completed to ensure we supply you with the correct devices and information. If you require any training on aspects of child safety, please give us a call and we’d be happy to help.

For more information, see the BBSA’s Make It Safe brochure.

Safety devices for blinds


This breaks apart when undue pressure is applied on the operating chain. However, once inspected, it easily connects once more. Always use the chain-break connector that is designed to be used with your specific chain.


These devices are fixed to an adjacent surface. They should be placed at the maximum distance from the top of the blind to ensure the cords and/or chains are held taut at all times.


This should be securely fixed to an adjacent surface. It must be out of the reach of children and at least 1.5 meters from the floor. The cords are secured in a figure of eight after the blind has been opened or lowered. It’s important to double check that all spare cord is securely contained on the cleat

Ensuring your blinds are child-safe

If you’ve installed window coverings in rooms where children play or sleep, take a look at the this video from BBSA. It offers tips for how you can keep your windows free of dangerous fixings and ensure your blinds are as child-friendly as possible.

Window blind safety

Blinds can be extremely dangerous for young children if the right safety devices aren’t installed. They could be strangled by loops in pull cords, chains, tapes and inner cords that operate the product. To avoid any risk of strangulation or injury, ensure these cords are kept entirely out of their reach. As well as using child-friendly blind safety devices, bear in mind the following tips to help keep little ones safe:

– Make sure all cords and chains are secured out of reach of babies and young children at all times – and do not tie cords or chains together.
– Carefully consider placement of furniture in rooms that have blinds. Little ones are naturally curious and love to climb so make sure each blind is free of nearby items they can scale. Beds, cots and highchairs, for example, should be kept well away from any blinds.
– Consider cordless blinds. Motorisation technology is ideal for children’s bedrooms and playrooms.


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