Introducing Eco Elements:
An exquisite Roller & Vertical Blind collection


We’re just as passionate about contributing to sustainability and the health of our planet as we are about the fine craftsmanship of our made to measure blinds. The Eco Elements Collection allows us to combine the two. Our beautiful range of eco- friendly blind fabrics are innovative, sustainable and waste-reducing and, importantly, they don’t compromise on the quality or aesthetic .

Spaces are beautifully elevated with our range of recycled fabrics, circular recyclable fabrics and responsibly manufactured fabrics while our ASC energy efficient window blinds or eco blockout blinds work to keep rooms warm in winter and cooler in summer months, reducing your energy consumption while giving you light and privacy control. What’s more, they all provide a real focal point in your home’s style and design.

You can find out more details on our sustainability development as a manufacturer over on our Blog.

Give your customers a design option that comes with a backstory and its own positive energy by pre ordering the Eco Elements collection. 


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The White Rose Forest is the community forest for North and West Yorkshire, working with landowners, local government, communities, and businesses to plant trees where they are needed the most. They have an ambitious plan to plant 7 million trees across the region by 2025 and we want to help so we will also be supporting them throughout the year. 

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Ecoweave® Recycled Fabrics

The high % of recycled PET fibres in our recycled Ecoweave® fabrics takes 8 times less energy to produce than the equivalent in new ones. Recycled yarn suppliers convert more than 2 million bottles a day into textile yarn. The recycling of just 1 million plastic bottles can eliminate 180 tonnes of CO2 emissions from being released into the atmosphere *Approximately 130kg of waste plastic bottles will make 1000 m2 of fabric.

Cradle to Cradle Fabrics

Entirely recyclable in their complete form, these fabrics carry the acclaimed Cradle to Cradle® Certification via our supplier.
The global standard for measuring the environmental and social sustainability of products that are safe, circular and responsibly made. The products and manufacturer are assessed and certified across five sustainability focus areas: Material Health, Product Circularity, Clean Air & Climate Protection, Water & Soil Stewardship, and Social Fairness.

Environmentally Eco-Friendly Fabrics

Fabrics that carry the OEKO-TEX® standard 100 label have been tested for regulated and non-regulated substances. In many cases the limit values for these goes beyond national and international requirements. These fabrics carry no harmful chemicals and therefore carry low chemical emissions in their production and use.


Recyclable Content. Recycle again and help us close the plastic cycle. All plastic packing materials have now been replaced with friendlier alternatives:
Recycled waste plastics (BioBubble, rPet Polytubing), Plant based tape adhesive.

As a manufacturer, we pledge to visibly reduce our carbon footprint year on year. This book has been produced with a recycled Post-Consumer and Ocean Waste blended cover and printed using a certified World Land Trust Carbon Balanced Printer.




Because we want a recycled choice to be available to everyone, we have included a bespoke option for a range of designs within the Eco Elements collection. Find your inner interior designer with the option to colour match the background or shape to a paint colour, fabric, pantone etc. A truly limitless spectrum.  

Order as an individual Digital Print Roller to blind size. Look for the paint drip icon on the fabric label for these adaptable patterns. 



Blinds can be extremely dangerous for children if the right safety devices aren’t installed. You can rest assured child safety remains at the forefront of our manufacturing process. The Eco Elements Collection fully conforms to British Standards and laws surrounding child safety requirements. All our blinds are child safe by design – with chain-break connector, cord/chain tensioner, cleat fixings and fully motorised chainless options.


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